About Me

Stephen Radford

Stephen RadfordDesigner & Developer

I'm a web designer and developer from Leicester, UK. Working with stuff like Laravel, Backbone and AngularJS.

  • Former

    Former | http://formerapp.com

    Former aims to ease the pain of form creation and processing. I built the app over two days using Laravel 4 + Backbone.js amongst other technologies.

  • FTPloy

    FTPloy | http://www.ftploy.com

    FTPloy allows users to deploy GitHub and Bitbucket repositories via FTP. It was built in Laravel and uses OAuth to connect to the Bitbucket and Github APIs.

  • Candy CMS

    Candy CMS | http://www.candycms.org

    Candy is a free, lightweight and easy to use CMS written in PHP. It uses the Redactor WYSIWYG editor and weighs in at under 500kb installed. The entire project is open-source and hosted on Github.

  • DevMeetDesign

    DevMeetDesign | http://devmeetdesign.com

    DevMeetDesign is an online community and jobs board that aims to connect designers and developers together. The site features user profiles including integration with GitHub and Dribbble as well as a full messaging platform. I built the site in Laravel using designs from We Are Inno.

  • FBImg

    FBImg | http://fbimg.net

    FBImg is a simple service to grab a user's profile picture on Facebook from an email address. It started as a proof-of-concept highlighting security issues with Facebook but it's proven quite handy in projects.

  • Kontextur

    Kontexür | http://www.kontextur.com

    Kontextür is an ecommerce site developed with WordPress and Jigoshop. I worked with the client to develop an easy shopping experience including a custom designed cart and product page and custom HTML emails.

  • Snippets.im

    Snippets.im | http://www.snippets.im

    Snippets.im is the home of all the handy little snippets of code I find and know. I wanted somewhere to collect them and thought it would be a good idea to share with everyone else. The site is built on my open-source CMS Candy.

  • Surplus Match

    Surplus Match | http://www.surplusmatch.co.uk

    I worked with SurplusMatch to completely overhaul their site from the ground up. Starting with a new brand and site design alongside a CodeIgniter install I worked to create a modern and fresh website that works exactly to their specification. PayPal and Google Maps APIs were integrated to provide a richer experience and allow the user to featured posted listings.

  • Dreamweaver STE

    Dreamweaver STE | http://www.dreamweaverste.com

    Being the only Sublime Text 2 user in the office has its downsides especially when everyone uses Dreamweaver's .STE files to share FTP credentials. I created dreamweaverste.com in order to scrape the info out of the files.

  • BundlePress

    BundlePress | http://www.jquerycandy.com/bundlepress

    BundlePress is the easiest way to create a custom WordPress installation with popular themes and plugins already bundled with it. Check the plugins and themes you want to include and BundlePress will zip them up with the latest version of WordPress.