Installing Fetch with Cydia Impactor

Fetch has been open source since it was removed by Apple from the App Store but the overhead of installing has always been large since it required not only a Mac but also knowledge of Xcode.

I recently discovered Cydia Impactor which allows for easy install of IPAs on devices by resigning them using the user's Apple ID. Anyone can use it and there's even releases for Windows and Linux.


This is just going to be a super quick guide on how to install Fetch (or another IPA) on your device using Cydia Impactor.

  1. Download Impactor from
  2. Download the latest IPA release from the Fetch GitHub
  3. Open Cydia Impactor, select your iPhone on the top dropdown and drag the Fetch.ipa on the second dropdown.
  4. It will request your Apple ID. (if you are using 2FA you may need to create an app password for your account)
  5. That's it! Let it do its thing and Fetch should show up on your homescreen.

If you already had Fetch then it'll still be available from the App Store purchased section but the latest version adds support for iPhone X.