WordPress Social Stream

About 3 years ago now, we were working on a site for a client and came up with the idea to merge their Facebook and Twitter feeds with the news posts on their site to keep things feeling fresher for longer. Since then I've rebuilt the bloody thing 4 or 5 times so I finally decided to tidy it up and bung it into a plugin.

What is it?

The "Social Stream" grabs the latest Twitter and Facebook posts and merges them with posts on your WordPress blog. The idea is is that if you don't post regularly, your readers will still be presented with fresh content if you do post to Facebook or Twitter frequently.

Once you've filled in the required settings, the plugin allows you to display the Social Stream using several methods.

  • Using the default template included, you can pull out posts using <?php the_social_stream() ?>. You can override the template by copying it to the root of your theme.
  • Use the default template but instead load the social stream in via an XHR. This is recommended due to slow load times occasionally. Use <?php ajax_social_stream() ?> when opting for this method.
  • If you want to include it somewhere with the CMS use the [social_stream] shortcode.
  • Roll your own by pulling an array of posts with <?php get_social_stream() ?>.
  • Just pull out an array of Twitter posts with <?php twitter_posts($numberOfPosts) ?>.
  • Just pull out an array of Facebook posts with <?php facebook_posts($numberOfPosts) ?>.


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